Dragon Hide Blanket (2007)

Pattern:  LLD Fabrication
Yarn:  Dale of Norway Baby Ull
Method:  Hand knit
Completed:  February 11, 2007.

So I bought a bunch of Dale Baby Ull, in vibrant colours -- canary yellow, carrot orange, and leaf green.  I let it lounge in my office for a while, to tell me what it wanted to be.  On the one hand, I understand babies like vibrant colours; on the other, I know that parents can be put off by violent colour schemes ;-)  .

Presently, it said "dragon hide" -- you know, the layered scales of the fantastical dragon beast.  (Not all of them are scary!).  And then it was a matter of figuring out how to get a decent layered-scale effect.  I felt intarsia would be too flat and chunky looking.  Crochet... I could not get beyond angry granny squares.  So, I decided on entrelac, which provides the woven-strip look.  I chose to do the main body in stockinette, to give it a smooth finish.  I did the edging triangles in garter stitch so that they'd be textured and would lie flat.

Preblocked body
The main body, entrelace, before blocking it.
Pre-block back
Backside of the main body, before blocking it.  It wasn't clear to me which side was going to be the "front".
Whole blanket
The whole blanket, blocked, with edging
Whole blanket, back
Back of the whole blanket, blocked, with edging.
Final front corner
Final blanket -- blocked, with edging
Final back corner
Final blanket back -- blocked, with edging
The well dressed dragon
The well-dressed dragon!  See -- the edging is the spiny ridge, and the body of the blanket is composed of overlapping dragon scales!

Or, it's peas, corn & carrots.  Whatever works for you!