Chocolate Socks (2007)

Chocolate Socks
Pattern:  Wendy's Toe-Up, using Barbara Walker's Wicker Work pattern in the ankle
Yarn:  Koigu KPM, (chocolate) brown
Method:  Handknit
Completed:  September 27, 2007.

This is a pretty generic toe-up sock, again using a Barbara Walker stitch pattern (Wicker Work, Second Treasury) for the ankle patterning.  This time, I got the pattern done properly, unlike last time

I did make something of a gusset in the heel of this pair.

These socks pretty much used up the entirety of 2 skeins of the KPM, for a size 10+ man's foot.  Really, the ankles could have been more generous in width, and a little more height would have been good.  Lesson -- get 3 skeins for larger feet!

Socks on feet
A pair of socks, on the intended feet!  Note (here, and above -- heel gusset).
Ankle detail
Ankle detail -- Barbara Walker's Wicker Work stitch pattern from the "Second Treasury".