Kiri Shawl (2006)

Kiri in Helen's Lace
Pattern:  Kiri, from here, on All Tangled Up
Yarn:  Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace, Ravenswood colourway
Method:  Handknit
Completed:  April 2, 2006.

A triangular shawl in honest-to-goodness laceweight yarn.  I probably didn't block it quite aggressively enough, at least to get the points to stand out.  Weighing in at about 3oz (800 yds of silk/wool), it folds up very small to carry in a purse, and is still useful to add a layer of warmth when needed.

As I was knitting this, there was a discussion somewhere about knitting lace in variegated yarns, and how it didn't work well with the pattern, particularly if it was a _dark_ variegated colourway... well, I'm happy enough with this that I think I'd do it again!

This closeup shows some of the vibrancy of the colours in this silk/wool mix.
Drapery effect
Showing off the drapery effect of the shawl.
Edge detail
Edge detail -- points not pulled out enough during blocking!
Blocking.  Points pulled out -- but not enough!
Artsy underneath 1
Looking through the lace
Artsy through 2
Closeup through the lace
Artsy through 3
Once more, through the lace!