Diamonds Scarf (2005)

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Diamonds Scarf
Pattern:  Made up -- lace stitch pattern on stockinette background, with crochet edging

  Fiesta LaLuz multi (100% silk)
Method:  Handknit
Completed:  June 2005.

This was the first skein of silk I ever bought.  I made the mistake of touch a skein in the store and WOW!  It was so SOFT!  And so EXPENSIVE!  I went away.  And then I came back -- and bought a skein.  The colours are really vibrant, the drape is delightful, and it's so comforting to wear next to the skin.  What's not to love?

Close up
Close up of scarf end -- diamond lace pattern, and crochet edging (done in a La Luz solid green)
Corner detail
Closer look at the vibrancy of the colours -- in the multi and the solid
Diamond detail
Detail of the diamond lace pattern.
Block when wet

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