Very Pink Socks (2009)

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very pink socks
Pattern:  Wendy's Toe-Up/Cat Bordhi's Riverbed master pattern for the arch, with feather-and-fan on the ankles.

  Opal Cotton  (#2505) -- cotton, polyamid, woolblend, about 80% of one ball.
Method:  Knitting
Completed:  August 19, 2009.

This was a standard travel sock project.  The pinks are very very pink, but the total effect seems pleasant rather than overpowering.  I used feather-and-fan in the ankle to introduce some waving (to reduce the striping effect).

the socks
Although fraternal, the striping/colour shifting is muted enough that they don't seem garishly out of line with each other.
ankleheel and arch
Detail of ankle, arch & heel construction
on feet
Socks on feet...
sock fitdare to compare
Inside of socks, on feet.

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