Petra of Many Colours (2009)

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Petra of many colours
Pattern:  Julie Weisenberger's Petra, available from
  Noro Iro, #79
Method:  Hand knit
Completed:  June 14, 2009.

I have admired Noro yarns for their bold colours, for quite a while.  I've always been a bit afraid that the colours would be too wild, and that the almost-inevitably unbalanced striping (from knitting up separate pieces) would drive my excessively order-seeking brain quite mad.  The Petra pattern mitigates the latter by having you knit the body (front and back) in one piece.  Thus, the colours match on both sides of the sweater opening.  And, the diagonal line of the knitting makes a more interesting look.

I'm reasonably pleased with the outcome, though it knit up a little smaller than my test gauge swatch would have lead me to believe.  There might also have been a bit of denial about actual chest measurement. 

My next Petra (and I'm reasonably confident there will be one) will address at least the latter point...

matching diagonals
See how nicely the diagonals line up!  The sleeves are pretty mismatched, but at least they are not lined up next to each other when you're wearing them (the way front panels are).
Back -- note that the pattern allows some waist shaping.
front with runner
Different view from the front.

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