Crochet Stole (2009)

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Blue crochet stole
Pattern:  Made up -- body is Spider Web Lace stitch pattern  (stitch #154 in Donna Kooker's "Encyclopedia of Crochet"), and the edge was started from Floral Edge, #27 (150 Crochet Trims), but modified it to triples, and then I screwed up the corners… C'est la vie ;-)

  Ellen's 1/2-Pint Farm Silk Alpaca Lace
Method:  Crochet
Completed:  July 7, 2009.

I think the secret to success here was using a very lightweight yarn -- crochet twines threads together, making denser rods in the lace than with knitting.  Oh, and the prevalence of chain stitch.   The drape is fabulous.

Finished measurements (post-blocking):  60" x 15"

crochet stole -- back
View from behind...
drapemore drape
Lightweight and drapey
stole in parisstole in paris too
Pre-blocking -- this was a travel project... and it travelled!
stitch detailmore stitch detail
More detail of stitches -- main body stitch, and the triple crochet edging.

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