Blue Diamond Socks (2009)

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Pattern:  Wendy's Toe-Up/Cat Bordhi's Riverbed master pattern for the arch, and a Lesley Stanfield moss stitch/twisted stitching motif for the ankle patterning.

  Tess Super Sock
Method:  Hand knit
Completed:  January 8, 2009.

The yarn is quite possibly my new favourite sock yarn. It is high twist, which gives it good stitch definition, and it seeeems like it's going to wear well.

pair of blue diamond socks
A pair of socks! 
diamond detailankle-on-ankle
Detail of the ankle patterning, off and on the ankle.  The traveling cord of 2 knit stitches does flow continuously around the ankle
heel detail
Detail of the heel -- and you see some of the subtle variation in colour, between light blue and bluesy green (almost grey).

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