Blackberry Circular Shawl (2009)

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Blackberry Circular Shawl
Pattern:  Kathy's Clover Chain Shawl from "Wrapped in Comfort",  by Alison Jeppson Hyde

  Great Adirondack Yarn Company -- Sireno (silk/wool) Onyx colourway, slightly more than 1 skein (i.e., about 750yds)
Method:  Knitting
Completed:  November 15, 2009.

I wanted a circular shawl so that it would sit easily on the shoulders and not slip off.  Also, I didn't want it to be to large or fiddly.  The recipient is smaller than me and has better things to do in life than fiddle around with slide-y shawls!.

Final dimensions:  Blocked to 19.5" from neck to edging of shawl.  This makes it sit nicely on the shoulders and down the arms, without being so long as to get in the way of hands, etc

blocking circle
Blocking -- showing it's a full circle, slit open to allow easy wearing.
sunlight pattern detail
Pattern detail, in the sun.
Back and side views -- note the nice draping that comes from having the full circle of the shawl (shape).
From the front -- nice draping, and full wrap-around coverage with the shawl.
sunlit colour
In low light, it mostly looks black, but the purple and tan aspects of the colouring really come out when the sun shines on it.  This shows off the silk blend of the yarn.

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